Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments In Sacramento, California.

What We Do

Scalp Micropigmentation is literally revolutionizing the hair restoration industry today. A simple procedure to undertake, Scalp Micropigmentatation or SMP consists of depositing small micro dots of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin with the use of a tiny needle. Combined with thousands of other dots, the illusion of a full head of hair follicles is created.

About Us

Ultimate Image INK was created to address the ever-growing need for a fresh alternative in the hair loss industry by providing Scalp Micropigmentation treatments at the Ultimate Image STUDIO in Sacramento Northern California.

Life Changing Results

Scarring Alopecia

Hair loss for anyone is a harrowing experience and especially when it is painful.

Scalp Micropigmentation and a custom hair topper. Truly life changing for this wonderful client. Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing the clients face light up after receiving SMP.


Male Pattern Baldness

54 year old with hair loss
After yers of having a gorgeous thick head of natural hair, this client began losing his hair in his late 40's.

Much better now!
Now with a full head of simulated hair follicles, this client has his confidence back and his swagger back.VIEW MORE EXAMPLES

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